Frequently Asked Questions

What's all this talk about "3D printing"??

Are they prints or are the sculptures?

  • Both! They are called prints because they are small batch manufactured on a 3D printer, the result is a 3D sculpture made out of colored sandstone
  • How does someone print sandstone?

  • Here's some information direct from our manufacturer "Models are created by printing binder material and colored ink layer-by-layer into a bed of gypsum-based powder. After printing, the models are finished with a cyanoacrylate (super glue) sealant to ensure durability and vivid colors. The final product is a hard, brittle material that works great for figurines and visual models, but isn't well suited to functional parts or daily handing. Models should be handled carefully, and not exposed to water as it will cause fading."
  • What comes in the box?

  • Your hand numbered sculpture and an official 'Series 1' collectors card signed by both Artists.
  • Are you open to an exhibition, commission, project, etc..?

  • Certainly! We are happy to consider all opportunities. Just send us an email at with the details and we will be in touch.
  • How quickly do you ship?

  • Due to the requirements of small batch manufacturing the lead time for shipping is between 2-4 weeks, we proudly ship using the U.S. Postal Service