A tale of 2 artists, 8 bits and 3 dimensions.

8 Bits, 3 Dimensions is a collaboration between artists Adam Lister and Isaac Budmen. It is a collection of “prints” — 2D and 3D — depicting iconic images of art and culture using a method that is immediate and digital, but also tangibly timeless.

Our world is made by hand, with the tools and materials available at the time. Early builders used tools of wood and metal to create with blocks of stone. Later, we began to build our world digitally as well. Physical materials became bits and bytes, and once again our tools were basic and crude.

The simplistic beauty of the "8-bit" work that emerged from the first days of digital are what inspire the artwork and paintings of Adam Lister. They capture the essence of the digital age, representing familiar images of culture and art in a format that is nostalgic and beautiful in its limitations. Lister’s collection of 8-bit-inspired portraits, reproductions and original works have been met with critical acclaim and tremendous excitement from collectors.

Beyond the second dimension, the "8 Bits, 3 Dimensions" collection represents a further evolution of the digital age. Digital fabrication — or "3D Printing” — is a refinement of the digital building process. Today, our world can be precisely crafted using millions of bits, and then made manifest with machines that can produce designs to exact specifications. These are the tools of artist Isaac Budmen, who began with Lister’s work and added a third dimension to the pieces, bringing them to life in beautiful sandstone.

The process by which 8 Bits, 3 Dimensions emerged is itself an expression of the digital age — Lister and Budmen have never met in person. Though they have never been in the same room, or even heard each other’s voices, they have collaborated on every aspect of this collection over the Internet.